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Mr. Shine endeavours to create truly hygienic and contamination-free environment around your home and workspace. You can rest assured that you’re 100% taken care of when you let us come and carry out the services you request.

Cleaning Professionals
On-Site Service
Eco-Friendly Cleaning

We currently provide three different types of cleaning services.

We are currently providing three different types of cleaning services.

Washing Machine

Get clean laundry from a clean washing machine.

Heat Pump Cleaning
(Wall Unit Only)

Feel the real difference in the
air you breathe.

Mattress / Fabric
Couch Cleaning

Your sleep matters and so
does your mattress.

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A neglected heat pump is a breeding ground for germs. Hygienically managed like new!

The mattress that touches my body Internal and external decontamination with professional equipment!

Wall unit (residential)
Deep cleaning service

(n) Reviews

Darin Nguyen


Mr Shine transformed my dirty washing machine into a sparkling clean appliance! Their service was quick, efficient, and affordable. I highly recommend them for anyone looking to keep their washing machine in top-notch condition.

Sophie Kim


I'm impressed with the results of Mr Shine's cleaning service! They managed to remove all the built-up grime and odors from my washing machine, leaving it smelling fresh and looking brand new. Their attention to detail are commendable.

Daniel Alister


Mr Shine is the go-to company for washing machine cleaning! Their team arrived on time, equipped with all the necessary tools and cleaning agents. They worked diligently, ensuring every nook and cranny of my machine was thoroughly cleaned. I'm extremely satisfied with their service and will definitely be a repeat customer.

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In Deep Cleaning 

Look through our work that was carried out in real life! You wouldn’t believe it!

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We're a creative agency based in country, and we build brands.

Contact us whether you have a question about features, trials, pricing, need ademo, or anything else, our team is ready to answer all your questions. Check our all Services, you can contact us via Messenger.

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