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Why Dry Clean Mattress?

Over time, mattresses collect unpleasant contaminants such as dust mites, toxic dust, allergens, and mould. These substances pose a potential risk of triggering severe allergic and respiratory symptoms if not properly cared for. Unfortunately, conventional vacuum cleaners available on the market are inadequate for deep cleaning mattresses.

To minimize the risk of mould and bacteria buildup, we highly recommend the dry-cleaning method rather than wet cleaning. Wet cleaning, if not thoroughly dried, can contribute to the potential growth of mould and bacteria inside the mattress.

We have specialised gears and equipment that are exclusively tailored for this service. With Mr. Shine, your mattress will undergo a comprehensive deep cleaning, ensuring it is thoroughly cleaned and ready for a restful and high-quality sleep experience.

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Cleaning Effect

Prevention and alleviation of allergy and respiratory symptoms


Extending the lifespan of mattresses


Improving the quality of sleep

Cleaning Recommended When

The mattress has been in use for more than one year


Allergic reactions or symptoms related to skin/respiratory become severe


Purchasing a used mattress

Cleaning Service Steps
1. Mattress cleaning (all sides)

2. Base & frame cleaning

3. UV light sanitisation 

4. Anti-allergen application (if required)

5. Antibacterial sterilisation & deodorisation treatment
Recommended Cleaning Frequency

Once or twice a year

Things to note:

*All types of mattress and other upholsteries are applicable.
*No wet cleaning or stain-removal provided.

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