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Why Clean Heat Pump?

We see heat pumps running everywhere in homes, restaurants, and workplaces throughout all seasons.

However, we often overlook the potential health risks associated with the air that circulates through them, unknowingly exposing ourselves to potential harm.

Mould, bacteria, dust, and grease are among the common contaminants found in heat pumps. These substances not only have the potential to cause sickness and pose serious health risks but can also significantly impact the efficiency and lifespan of your heat pump.

We have specialised gears and equipment that are exclusively tailored for this service. With Mr. Shine, we provide a guarantee that your heat pump will undergo a thorough and hygienic deep cleaning, ensuring it operates efficiently and effectively.

Before & After

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Cleaning Effect

Prevention and alleviation of allergy and respiratory symptoms


Improvement of heat pump performance and extension of product lifespan


Indoor air improvement

Cleaning Recommended When

Emits an unpleasant odour


Causes increased allergic reactions and respiratory symptoms during use


Produces weak airflow


Results in unexpected high power bill

Cleaning Service Steps
1. Operational test

2. Disassembly

3. Waterproofing 

4. Cleaning & sanitisation 

5. Drying

6. Assembly

7. Operational test

8. Antibacterial sterilisation
Recommended Cleaning Frequency

Once in 1 - 2 years before or after summer season

Things to note:

*Only wall units are applicable.
*3m is the max reachable height for safety reason.
*On/off electrical switch must be accessible.

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